Thursday, December 11, 2014

What's Your Christmas Tree Decoration Personality?

Decorating the Christmas tree has always been one of my favorite traditions. I absolutely love picking through boxes of decorations to find the ones that perfectly represent how I'm feeling about the holidays that season. My family has had these same wooden ornaments since my mom was little and they are my absolute favorite. I hope that one day, my son has fond memories of sorting through boxes of ornaments and finding his favorites to hang on the tree. 


This tree is the one that I grew up with for the entirety of my childhood. The classic tree is just that: classic. You can pick out your favorite ornaments, lights, and ribbons for your tree. Honestly, none of the decorations do not even have to match if you don't want them too.


I have personally never done a theme tree, but I am trying my hand at this particular tree this year. This holiday season I plan on decorating an Alice in Wonderland themed tree. A themed tree is perhaps my favorite type of tree because you can do anything you want to do. I came up with a great plan on reading a fantasy novel to my son and decorating a themed tree each year during the holiday season. Next year, I plan on creating a Narnia tree!


Color trees are extremely popular. My aunt has stuck with her color tree (in white) for years. They're always in style and can match your personality perfectly. Just pick your favorite color and decorate away. You can even do an ombre effect and use different shades of the same color to get a different look.

Mini Tree

A lot of people do not have the space to incorporate an entire Christmas tree into their homes; so, a miniature tree is used to add a bit of whimsy to their living spaces. These can be really fun to decorate while tiny ornaments and other decorations! Also, I love the idea of using miniature trees to decorate smaller rooms and add more pizzazz to your house for the holidays.

What is your Christmas tree decoration personality and some of the traditions that you do each and every year? I love learning more about my readers so leave all of your comments in the section below and I will answer as soon as possible! 

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