Friday, February 7, 2014

Freebie Friday: Three Valentine Cards

Today is Friday, and you know what that means, its Freebie Friday! I have three Valentine card printables for today because Valentine's Day is looming near. Unfortunately, I don't have any children (yet) but I still like to make paper crafts and give cards out to my friends and family members to celebrate Valentine's Day.

History of Valentine's Day

I plan to get more into the history of Valentine's Day next week, but I want to go over somethings that I learned from simply researching this day filled with hearts, love, and tiny hardly clothed babies with bows and arrows. Since I was in middle school I believed that Valentine's Day was about friendship and not romantic love. This is because Saint Valentine befriended the daughter of his jailer. Before he was executed, it was rumored that he signed his last letter to the girl with "Your Valentine."

Flash Forward to Modern Day

Valentine's Day is a widely celebrated holiday in several countries today. Although, some countries do not celebrate Valentine's Day on February 14th. Some societies celebrate Valentine's Day on July 6th, July 30th, and June 12th.

Get Your Free Valentine Cards

Grab this free printable here.

Grab this free printable here.

Grab this free printable here.

I hope that everyone enjoys these cards! I modeled the first two after two of my favorite songs from my favorite band (The Beatles). To get your own, just click on the links provided, save the image to your computer, and open them in a document file. You will be able to size them to fit your needs.

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