Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Top 10 Must Watch Halloween Movies

Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday. I just love the idea of getting dressed up as my favorite superhero, television character, or ghoul and getting candy. When I was a little kid my parents use to throw these gigantic Halloween parties- complete with a hay ride and all. They were the best parties ever.

For the past few years I have slacked in the costume department, but I still love the holiday. There are a lot of good memories attached to Halloween for me. As I get older, I have replaced dressing up and eating a ton of candy with sitting on my couch, watching some great movies, and eating a lot of candy. Eating a lot of candy is kind of a requirement on Halloween.

halloween movies

So, without further adue here are my top must watch picks for Halloween:

**The top five movies are family friendly. The last five are just for the adults.**

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas: This movie is by far my favorite Halloween movie. Actually, I watch it on Halloween and Christmas. Oh, I've also considered watching it for Easter as well because the Easter Bunny does make a small appearance. Its definitely fun for the entire family and a classic. 
  2. Hocus Pocus: I have loved this tale of the three Sanderson sisters since I was a kid. Honestly, who isn't a fan of these three lovely ladies, the talking cat, and the teens that get their-selves into a lot of trouble unknowingly. 
  3. Halloweentown: This is a newer movie for me, but its cute. I love the way they bring all of the elements of Halloween together. This is a perfect family friendly movie to watch on Halloween!
  4. Goosebumps: The Mask: I grew up with Goosebumps. I loved the books and the movies were great too. This particular movie was amazingly spooky when I was a child. The whole battle with the main character losing a sense of who she was and then finding it again is not only touching but scary as well. Plus, its another great movie for kids and parents alike!
  5. Corpse Bride: I wouldn't say that this is a full on Halloween movie, but it does have its moments. Plus, I'm a huge Tim Burton fan. I love everything that he has ever worked on. 
  6. Nightmare on Elm Street: Ah, Freddie... He was my very first horror movie that I remember. I was actually able to see this movie on the big screen, and it was amazing. There are tons of Nightmare of Elm Street movies, but nothing beats the original. The craziest thing is that this movie was based on an actual newspaper clipping. Remember, don't fall asleep! 
  7. Children of the Corn: This movie is just a classic. It was one of the very first horror movies that I saw as a child and it has stuck with me. There is just something about "he who lurks behind the rows" that is oddly mysterious and perfect for a night of spooky Halloween fun.
  8. Children of the Corn VI: This is my favorite Children of the Corn movie. I know that most people believe that this series has been so overdone, but the last movie is amazing. I love how they wrapped everything up. 
  9. IT: For most people, this movie has instilled a horrible fear of clowns. Its a little lengthy but if you have the time it is definitely worth watching. Plus, this movie is a total Stephen King classic! 
  10. Carrie: Carrie was Stephen King's first big break. The novel was fantastic. There are so many versions of Carrie floating about now that it makes my head spin, but if you get a chance to see the original do it! 

If these are not on your top Halloween movies, feel free to leave your favorite Halloween movie in the comments section below!

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