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Storage Solutions: Store your seasonal clothes

Storage Solutions: Store your seasonal clothes

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Storage Solutions: Store your seasonal clothes

Seasonal clothing is great for keeping warm during the chilly, winter months or staying cool during the warm, summer months. Bulky jackets, sweaters, long sleeved shirts, and snow boots are necessary items to have in your possession, but these things can take up a ton of valuable space. The same can be said for your summer clothing, including, bathing suits, shorts, and flip flops.

Storing seasonal clothing can be tricky. I have a bad habit of storing my seasonal clothing and then the weather changes or I have to go on a trip. So of course, I have to dig out whatever item I need, and then store the extra items for a second time.

The way you choose to store your seasonal clothing should fit into and work with your life. Personally, I choose to store my seasonal clothing underneath mybedin a combination of space saving bags and a storage trunk. But, my closet is extremely small and cannot handle holding my everyday clothes and all of my seasonal stuff too.

Make whatever storage solution you choose, work for you! Think about the size of your closet. Is it large, small, or basically non-existent (trust me, I've been there)? Are you willing to store your extra clothing underneath your bed? Just make sure that whatever way you choose to store your seasonal clothing that it is easily accessible and out of the way.

Storage Solutions to Consider

There are several ways to store you extra, seasonal clothing and keep your closet organized. Here are just a few simple, inexpensive storage solutions.

1. Trunks
2. Collpasible closets
3. Space saving bags
4. Clothes racks
5. Luggage

Storage Solution Tips

-Make sure that your seasonal clothes are out of the way.
-Make sure that your seasonal clothes can be accessed at any time.
-Make sure that your animals (if you have any) cannot get into your seasonal clothes while they are begin stored.

If you're looking for more information on storage solutions for your home, check out my article How to Organize Clothes
If you have any questions, comments, or stories about storage soltuions, feel free to leave a comment below.

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