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Sell Clothes Online for Cash

Sell Clothes Online For Cash

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Have you thought about selling clothes online?

Thursday, I gave an easy solution to get rid of your extra clothing. If you missed the post, you can find it here.

I use to have a TON of clothes. Most of them, I never wore. I bought them or someone gave them to me, and I found that either I had gained weight, lost weight, or just simply didn't like the item. But, I refused to get rid of any of it. You know, just in case I ever wanted to wear that item in a couple of years.

After moving out of my parents' house a few years ago, I learned a lot about the value of closet space. Most of my apartments or houses have had small closets or none at all! On a side note, having absolutely no closet is a total bummer. I found that not all of my clothes would fit in the spaces that I had.

Plus, lugging around countless bags filled to their busting point witth my clothes became tiresome everytime that I decided to move. Something had to give, so I meticiously went through all of my clothes, piece by piece. Finally, I was able to part with over half of my clothes.

Afterwards, I was left with several bags of unwanted clothing. Normally, I donate all of my clothes to a foundation or charity, such as, Good Will or the Salvation Army. I donate because its simple, easy, and I can help out the less fortunate.

I plan on selling a few items that are in my “get rid of” pile; so, I have complied a list of five websites where you can sell your used, unwanted clothing. Getting rid of unwanted items is a great way to earn some extra pocket cash.

Where Can I sell My Clothes For Cash?

1.) ThredUp
Thredup is an online community that is similar to a comisgnment shop. The clothing items that they will accept have to be nearly new, They buy clothing items directly from their users to resell. Thredup is very specific about what brands of clothes that they will accept. Check out their guidelines here. There are two ways that you can get paid here, you can recieve credit towards other Thredup items, or you can have your cash sent to your PayPal account.

2.) Twice
Twice is different from any other site thatallows you to sell your clothes online; because, instead of listing the item and waiting for someone to buy it Twice sends you a free bag to send in your clothing. Twice does all of the work. They will photograph, take measurements, and everything else! Twice has a calculator that will help you figure out how much money you can make.

3.) Dresm
Dresm is an online community for the fashion lovers and environmental friendly people.
You will be charged 15 cents for every listing that you list in their community. When an item you have listed does sell, Dresm will charge a 3.5% flat rate fee. Dresm sends out payments using Paypal.

Poshmark is an online community of buyers and sellers. It is easy to list an item and can be done within a minute. Poshmark offers photo lenses and filters to make sure that your photograph is the best that it can be. Attend a Posh Party and sell your unwantedclothing items even faster. The site even lets you link up with your friends' items as well. Once the item is sold, you will print out a free shipping label and ship it off. After you have sold an item, Poshmark will deduct a flat fee of 20% from your earnings. The site allows you to cash out anytime you want. now what could be better than that?

Threadflip is easy to use. Simply, upload a photograph of the item youwant to sell and fill out their form. When someone purchases your item, theywill send you a USPS shipping label. After, the buyer receives their item, your account will be credited within five days.

6.) Tradesy
Tradesy is a great place to sell your unwanted, used items. They accept a lot of different types of items, such as, exercise clothing, wedding attire, watches, designer bags, and so much more. Simply list your item for free. When your item sells, Tradesy will take a flat rate fee of 9% (which is a lot lower than other sites). Then, you are free cash out with your Paypal account.

FashionHaunt is a place where buyers and sells worldwide can connect. Simply, list the items you want to sell. It is completely free to list items, and if the item is sold, a flat rate fee of 3% is charged. All payments will be processed through PayPal.

MyClozet is a great place to sell your clothing items and meet new people. It is completely free to list items. The key to MyClozet is promotion. Connect with buyers and sellers to promote your listings and sell items faster. MyClozet also gives users the option of swapping clothes instead of selling them.

9.) Copious
Copious is for the social media lovers who want to sell their extra, unwanted clothing online. Your profile will be linked to your Facebook page, Twitter profile, and their blogs. Selling clothes on Copious is easy. Simply, upload pictures of your item and write a description. When your item sells, Copious will charge a fee of 6% which is a lot lower than some other sites.

10.) Klury
Klury is a simple and easy-to-use website. Simply snap some pictures of the items you want to sell and fill out their request form. They will send you an email 24 hours after you complete their request form. You'll have the option of accepting their offer or rejecting it. If you choose to accept their offer, print off a free shipping label and ship it off. After Klury recieves the item and inspects it, they will send you a check or give you store credit.

Tips for Selling Used Clothes Online

  1. Wash all clothing items you want to sell. Make sure that the item isn't wrinkled, stained, or anything else.
  2. Write a detailed description of the clothing item. The more people know, the more they will be interested in your item. Always, mention any flaw that the piece has, such as, stains, rips, tears, or discolorations. Belive me, its better to be honest than sorry in the long run.
  3. List your items for reasonable prices.
  4. Make sure that your pictures are eye catching and beautiful. Show the item at different angles, have a friend wear the piece, and make sure that the lighting accturately represents the color of the item.
Have a great day!

Feel free to leave any questions, comments, or stories of your own below! Contact me if you would like to see a particular storage solution or cleaning solution for your home, and I will always respond as quickly as possible!


  1. HI Lara, wow who knew there were so many sites out there to sell your clothes. Have you used any of these online companies to sell your clothing? If so what pros / cons did you face? Did you find one worked over the other for views, I've never heard of most of these just wondering if others know about them?

  2. Gurvy Green, I haven't used any place to sell my clothes online. Typically, I will give them to various family members (because we're all pretty much the same size, lol) or I donate them to Good Will. I have been planning on using Twice because I don't have to list all of the items myself. I'm kind of lazy when it comes to listing things like used clothing online!


  3. Wonderful discussion.Keep posting.


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