Friday, January 31, 2014

DIY Spice Rack

Spices can be a great way to add variety and flavor to any dish. Keeping all of your spices organized can become a hassle. This is exceptionally true when your cabinets aren't spice friendly.

Spices, spices, and more spices

I have a plethora of spices because cooking is an essential part of my home life. I've always had problems with how I'm going to organize and declutter my spices. Normally (against all of my better judgements) I just toss all of my bottles into a cabinet and forget about them until I go to grab a certain spice. Then, I'm left to shuffle and move things around until I find the one spice that I actually need.

How I solved my problem

Finally, I got tired of playing the shuffle spice game, and I was determined to make something to organize and declutter my cabinet. So, my husband and I made a great spice rack so that all of my spices would be visible.

How to Make Your Own Spice Rack




  1. Take measurements to determine the height and width that will be needed. Take into consideration the width of the wood.
  2. Cut the side pieces in the shape of a L. We used a height of 5'' for the top shelf and 2.5'' for the bottom shelf.
  3. Cut your shelves. You will have four shelves.
  4. Put everything together with the use of clamps. Make sure each piece of your spice rack fits together perfectly and fits into your cabinet. If not, make the necessary adjustments.
  5. Carefully, use the drill to create places for the screws while using the clamps to hold everything together. Then, screw everything together.
  6. You have the option of sanding down your spice rack and painting it.
  7. Place all of your spices neatly in your cabinet!

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