Wednesday, October 1, 2014

How to Unclog a Drain Naturally

A few weeks ago I had a terrible problem with the plumbing in my kitchen. I noticed that my sink wasn't draining as fast as it should. Then, I was hit with the shock of having water pour out onto my floor and underneath my cabinets when I attempted to run my dishwasher.

I knew that something was amiss. I had my husband inspect the pipes. He concluded that the stoppage was down farther. Maybe even under the house which is a fear of mine because I don't want to pay a professional to come out and fix the blockage. I'm a more do it yourself kind of girl.

I talked to my father-in-law and he gave me this super simple and inexpensive solution to fixing my blockage problem in just a few minutes.

What You'll Need:

1 cup Vinegar
1 cup baking soda
Lots of boiling water
1 stopped up sink


  1. Make sure that your sink and water lines have no excess water by placing a bucket underneath the pipes and taking the pipes apart.
  2. If you have water in the pipes that is after the pipes you will need to wait a few hours or so and let all of the water drain (slowly).
  3. Put the baking soda down the drain first.
  4. Then, pour the vinegar down.
  5. Now, pour all of your boiling water down the sink.
  6. You may have to do this a few times, but in my experience it works like a charm!

If you have any questions or personal stories about naturally unstopping your sinks feel free to leave them in the comments section below!

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  1. great tip!!
    I usually make my hubby deal with it, thankfully he's a plumber!

    1. Shaunacey, thank you! I tried to make my hubster deal with it but hes a mechanic by profession and is pretty handy with cabinets and stuff like that... His dad was SUPER helpful though, I never would have thought about this! :)


  2. When I was a kid, my mom was told by a plumber to fill the sink after doing dinner dishes with hot water, then let it all drain in a rush. It would flush away anything stuck and melt anything gooky that was stuck in the pipes. I'm a real estate agent and have followed many inspectors and plumbers around homes, and the tip I have been given over and over by them is to scrape all food trash into the trash can, not into the sink. They said pasta is especially bad for pipes because it sticks to the sides. Think of your garbage disposal to just take care of the little stuff that is stuck to your dishes. Anything big enough to push into a trash can shouldn't go through the garbage disposal.

    And I've never had a stopped up sink. Must work.

    1. Karen, I agree! I always scrape my food remains into the garbage before washing off my dishes... There's something weird with my rental property. This only happens with my kitchen sink. I believe that the lines are starting to sag and the smallest amount of debris stops it up, but after this I've had no problems!



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