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Declutter Your Home: How to organize your bathroom

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How to Organize Your Bathroom

Bathroom clutter is an eye sore. You can have the most whimsical, beautiful bathroom in the world, but if you have piles of dirty clothes, damp towels, and a vast assortment of beauty products just scattered about... Well, lets just say that no one will care about how pretty your bathroom could be. They will only see the clutter and chaos.

Make your bathroom beautiful and clutter free with simple storage solutions.

Organizing a bathroom can be a difficult task, but with a bit of time and creativity, you can turn your bathroom chaos into a room of beauty. Ladies, we all (I'm most definitely guilty of this) spend a little too much time in the bathroom. We have to make sure that our hair isn't sticking up in weird tuffs, our clothes match, and who hasn't spent over twenty minutes applying makeup for a special occasion?

As women, we use the bathroom to beautify and pamper ourselves. So, why are you disrupting your you time with clutter. Our bathrooms should be a place where we are relaxed, comfortable, and confident; so, the space should show that. Every girl deserves a beautifully organized and completely functional bathroom.

Are you stuck with an itty-bitty bathroom? 

Trust me, I feel your pain. I've done my fair share of moving and typically I'll get stuck with a small, "cozy" bathroom. Small bathrooms aren't really a problem for me... That is until I cannot fit all of my bath products comfortably in a cabinet.

I've noticed other little piles of chaos too. 

  • My styling tools are always haphazardly lounging around the sink.
  • I lost an entire pack of shaving razors.
  • Every time I take a shower I'm bombarded with miscellaneous bottles attack me. Well, mostly my toes, but it still hurts!
  • And I have absolutely no place to put my towels and robe.

Small bathrooms can have a ton of personality and be efficient too!

Small bathrooms are pretty much inevitable for most of us at some point or another. Instead of living in the chaos, try incorporating a few storage solutions that don't take up any of your precious shelf space, such as, hooks. There are tons of nifty little storage solutions that you can use to create your dream bathroom.

How to organize your bathroom the easy way.

As I mentioned before, there are several simple storage solutions that you can use to organize your bathroom. Here are just a few of the easiest storage solutions.
  • Hooks
  • Baskets
  • Over the door hooks
  • Small containers

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By implementing these simple, storage solutions you can have:

  • All damp towels off the ground.
  • A spot for your robe or other clothes.
  • A safe place to store your styling tools, such as, a hair straightener and a blow dryer. 
  • A spot to hang your luffa or sponge in the shower.
  • Hang up your hair brushes, hand mirrors, and other small beauty tools.
  • A place in your shower to (safely) put your shampoo, conditoner, soaps, lotions, and other bottles.

And that's just a small list of things that hooks can do for you and your bathroom. If you have used one of these storage solutions or have another storage solution, feel free to leave your story or comments below!

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Have a great Saturday!

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