Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why Decluttering and Organization is so important

I hated organizing and decluttering when I was little

Growing up, I never really understood why my mom was so utterly adamant about having a designated place for everything. Back then, I was convinced that she just wanted to torture me in the worst possible way with her rules about decluttering and organization. In fact, when I was little, she would tell me to pick up a toy three times. If I didn't get it picked up and put away by the third time she asked, the toy would go in the garbage. A bit harsh? Yes, but it was a lesson that I had to learn, and learn I did! Most of the time, I just bit the bullet and organized my room. It was better than the alternative which was my mom coming in and throwing a bunch of stuff away and going through all of my belongings. You see, that was torture for my adolescent self. Now I would LOVE for someone to come into my house and clean it and organize it.

Years Later

Finally, after many years of living on my own, I realize why she did those things, why she was so adamant about organization and decluttering. My husband was never taught to pick up and clean up after himself. So, I was constantly running behind him picking up his trash, dirty clothes, and everything else you can imagine. I finally took a page from my mom's book and threatened to start throwing things away if he didn't start picking up after himself. Luckily, this seemed to light a fire underneath him, and he started to do a lot better in the cleaning arena.

What organization does

Organiziation gives your life structure, stability, and a sense of balance. Plus, digging through miscellaneous junk to find your car keys is a total drag. There's nothing more annoying than to not be able to find something. I will totally spaz out and look for hours for one, single item if I can't find it right away.

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Here are a few great reasons to get organized and stay organized.

1. Avoid the "Oh no, where's my (insert piece of clothing, car keys, cellphone. Well you get the idea.)

Have you ever been running late and you just can't seem to find your keys? I'm sure that this has happened to all of us at some point, or another. Your heart begins to pound, your mind goes blank, and you're left standing in the middle of your house like a deer caught in headlights with no where left to look. I know that feeling well.

2. Decluttering your home will declutter your life and your mind.

For me, clutter makes me lazy and fogs my mind. I can't seem to think properly with large piles of papers, books, and clothes every place. Being a creative type, I am prone to messes and clutter, but I always try to combat my natural instincts with the knowledge that I will be able to create better things in an organized and clutter free environment.

3. You will know what you have and what you don't have. 

Having an organization system set in place will help you to know exactly what you have and where it is. If you absolutely need a black dress -for example- you can simply go to your closet and spot every dress that you have. If you don't see a black dress; then, you can rest assured that you don't own one.

4. Save time, money, and a lot of heartache.

Have you ever wanted something that you knew already lurks in your home? But because of clutter, you can't find whatever the item is? So, you just go out to the store and buy a new one. Typically, after I go out and buy a new one, I will find the one I was looking for a week or so later. I always think that I wasted my money buying the new one, my time looking for the old one, and it causes me a lot of heartache in the end.

5. Clutter and disorganization just makes a house look dirty (to me).

While my house is by far no where near it needs to be, it does have some organization. Since I just moved in, I have the chance to go through everything that I own to make sure that it is absolutely necessary. Sure, this makes unpacking a pain, but in the long run I will know what I own and where it is when I need it.

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Feel free to leave a comment, question, or your own organization secrets below!


  1. I'm working on decluttering & organizing. Its a process! I have tried the throwing things away idea, but my step-son started leaving things out that couldn't be thrown away, like his backpack, shoes, lunchbox & jacket!

    1. Mama Lissy, organizing really is a job! My mom used the throwing things away idea when I was little. I've lost many toys that way. I think my E.T. doll is the saddest thing that I lost, but it was a lesson learned! I've just started to have a specific spot for my shoes. I got super tired of losing them all of the time!


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